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Are you battling with Odorous House ants in your home or corporate building? If so, you know how aggressively they can invade and how difficult they are to eradicate once they have build nests behind walls and inside of cabinets.

Odorous House ants are not dangerous, per se, to have in your home, however, over time they can begin to cause damage to the structure of your home and furnishings. If you’ve ever entertained in your home and were embarrassed by the line of ants crawling across your countertops, across your baseboards or through your pantry seeking sweets or water, you probably want the problem taken care of as soon as possible.

Considered to be the height of nuisance pests in the home, tiny, 1/16th”-18th” brown to black Odorous House ants can contaminate food sources and destroy packaged foods as they forage around in your pantry and kitchen. While they don’t bite and are not dangerous to have in the home, they are considered by many to be a sign of a dirty home, which is not always the case. Odorous House ants invade almost every type of home or business and come in search of sweet treats that may be left out, such as sugar packets in the break room, or a bowl of sugar in the kitchen cabinet.

Effective ant control in your Rowlett home or building depends on positively identifying the type of any you’re dealing with so that ant extermination will be prompt and affordable. If you’re dealing with the Odorous House ant, you will note large numbers of tiny ants in your kitchen, bathroom, pantry and other areas of your home where food may be stored or water may be easily obtained. Rain will bring them inside as well.

While over-the-counter ant products are cheap and easily obtained, they are only effective for a short amount of time. Odorous House ants quickly become immune to most products on the store shelf, and while they may work for a brief time, you’ll note that within a couple of weeks, ants will come back again, since this species is very difficult to eradicate from its source of the infestation. On-contact products will not work at all since they do nothing to address the problem of the queen, who continues to lay eggs at the source.

For proper ant control in your Rowlett home or commercial building, the first step is to fix all of the areas around your building where ants may enter, including cracks and gaps that allow free entrance inside. Once these areas have been closed up properly, do your part inside as well and keep food sealed and water sources unobtainable.

Finally, call Safe Earth Pest Control at 214-321-BUGS for professional ant control in Rowlett. Their safe and effective treatments will get to the source of the problem and eliminate Odorous House ants at the very heart of where they are coming from. Don’t go it alone- call in the experts to handle the job.

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