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360 Steam Carpet Cleaning, LLC, is a top-rated business for upholstery and rug cleaning. We offer carpet cleaning in Mankato at affordable prices and provide homeowners with top personalized services. Our carpet cleaning ensures improved air quality in your home, protecting your family members and pets from respiratory illnesses and allergies.

How Long Do You Have To Stay Off The Carpet After Cleaning?

Avoid heavy traffic on a newly cleaned carpet for at least six hours. Keep children and pets off the rug during this time. If you need to get to the other part of the house by walking on the carpet, wait for at least 30 minutes after cleaning it and leave your shoes outside. You can wear a pair of clean white socks to walk on the carpet.

How Long Does It Take For The Carpet To Dry After A Professional Cleaning?

Once the cleaning is complete, your carpet can take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours before it dries completely. A wet carpet takes a while to dry if your room has poor circulation, cold air, or high humidity.

Can You Walk On The Carpet After A Professional Cleaning?

We recommend our clients from letting children and pets come in direct contact with wet carpet or fabrics. Wait for at least 6 hours before you walk on a professionally cleaned carpet.

How Often Should You Clean Carpets Professionally?

For carpets with light foot traffic, you must hire the best professional carpet cleaners once a year, which should involve thorough shampooing. High-traffic carpets require professional cleaning once every six months.

Households with children and pets should consider hiring one of our MN carpet cleaners once every 3-4 months. Families with allergies should consider carpet and upholstery cleaning once every two months.

Should My Carpet Be Wet After Cleaning?

Your rug may be slightly damp to the touch for 6-10 hours after professional cleaning. As a leading local carpet cleaning business, we recommend our clients wait until their carpet is dry completely before walking on it. Some rugs are ready for walking within 6 hours, while a few can take up to 24 hours to dry completely.

Should Carpet Be Crunchy After Cleaning?

A crunchy carpet is a sign of further deterioration. Using traditional cleaning methods can cause a carpet to look and feel crunchy and cause your rug to become re-soiled quickly. Hire an experienced carpet cleaning business to avoid such issues.

Do You Guarantee Stain And Pet Odor Removal?

It depends on the rug’s condition. We use eco-friendly yet highly effective solutions to remove pet odors from carpets and upholstery. Our cleaning process is thorough and aims to remove 100% of the pet odor and stain.

If a stain has not affected your carpet fibers permanently, we can remove it. We cannot guarantee 100% stain removal if it is an old stain. In case of fresh stains on your carpet, call the best carpet cleaning services near you at the earliest.

Call us at 612-913-2735 to receive a quote from Carpet Cleaning Mankato. 360 Steam Carpet Cleaning, LLC, is a locally-owned business in Mankato with several years of experience, advanced cleaning technology, and eco-friendly supplies. We help homeowners and business owners maintain a healthy and safe environment by cleaning their carpets and upholstery spic and span.

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