Construction Cleanup

#1 Construction Cleanup in San Francisco

We know a lot of construction work is done by your construction contractors, but the dust and the enormous amount of waste they left behind are dealt with by us. At “Hauls a Lot” we provide highly professional construction cleanup services.

For this service, we only send our highly skilled and experienced team members, as it is a critical task. There can be a lot of hazardous materials, and chemicals, left in the place. Therefore, our workers make sure to take all this junk safely away.

What can be expected from our construction cleanup services?

Construction Cleanup is a bit trickier than the other services, as construction areas are very dangerous to work in. Until and unless you are not taking proper measures, you will not be able to safely get your work done. Therefore, our team takes proper precautions and they are skilled enough to deal with any risky situation.

We only provide those professionals for this service, who have at least five years of experience in this field.

They will make sure to remove all the junk such as wooden or metal pieces, broken nails and other junk, and all the chemical stuff from the construction site safely.


What type of junk is removed from the construction site?

We will remove all sorts of junk and demolition materials including; Debris, drywall, windows, shingles, corrugated iron, concrete materials, wallboards, floorboards, tilting and all sorts of material that is of no use and is hazardous.

We use huge and advanced technological trucks, which occupy all sizes of materials and an enormous amount of materials and dispose of all the junk easily. We will make sure to remove all the junk from your construction site and clean the whole construction site. From lighting to the floors we will clean out the whole construction area.