Top Tips For Hiring an Agency for Hard Drive Destruction:
Tip #1: Never hire an agency that solicits your business. Solicitation is a contrived arrangement numerous notorious organizations use to push for an arrangement when otherwise their services might not be required. Never consent to talk about business with an organization that searches you out and offers you what seems to be service at a price too good to be true. Better to do your own exploration for administrations when you require them. If you’re seeking out an agency to perform data destruction for your corporation, we invite you to see why businesses across the state of California choose Excess Logic. Our experts are committed to providing consistent information sanitation and destruction.

Tip #2: Work with a reputable service provider when it comes to your corporation’s data. You simply cannot take the risk of your equipment falling into the wrong hands and compromising your corporation, coworkers, clients and others who may have information stored in your equipment. At Excess Logic, we are referred to all through the area as a trustworthy supplier of hard drive destruction and we’ll furnish you with a Certificate of Destruction following our service. Our confirmed partners are situated all through California as individual service providers who are licensed under the best possible affirmation benchmarks.

Tip #3: Cost compare to ensure you aren’t overpaying. We invite you to call us regarding your electronics, asset and hard drive destruction needs to find out just how much you can save by utilizing our services. We’re trusted by hundreds of businesses across the state of CA. We will make absolute certain your hard drives are unusable and unrecoverable. Find out more about us and what we provide to your community when you call our office at 650-307-7553. As a one-stop solution for surplus excess inventory and equipment, e-waste recycling and destruction of data, we’re known for our reliable service and cost-efficient solutions.

Tip #4: Get rid of unwanted, surplus, out-dated and other space-occupying equipment on a timely basis. If you’ve had the job of liquidating your company’s assets dropped in your lap, it can be tempting to do what the person before you did and let the equipment take up space. The problem with that philosophy is two-fold; first, the equipment is using valuable space in your business that can best be used for operations, and second, sensitive company information is not as safe as you may think it is in storage.

Let us be your hard drive destruction specialists from now on. We’ll manage your needs as often as is necessary and leave you with peace of mind. You may have known our agency previously as CleanBayArea, and while our website has taken on a new look, we still offer the same, reliable and cost-effective services we have from our inception. Make a call to one of our experts at 650-307-7553 in the event that you have data destruction requirements that we can help you out with.


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