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Your home is your safest haven but what if your most precious place is attacked by some unpleasant nasty pests. They are the silent enemies who might be living on your property for years without getting noticed. Getting rid of them is not as easy it seems because you might see just one rodent or rat in your attic or room but there is a high chance that many more are hiding somewhere else in your house.

If you have noticed one or signs of droppings or damage to your property in Houston, it’s very crucial to contact the professional team of Houston pest exterminators only. Aswatonna Pest Services is one of the most experienced Houston pest control companies that have expert exterminators on board to deal with your uninvited guests.

Professionalism is our motto

Our team of pest control in Houston TX understands the nature and complexity of this job. We understand that where and how these pests can survive in your home, how to get rid of them, and how to make sure that they never return.

We start our work with a thorough inspection of the site and prepare customized residential pest control plans which aim at getting rid of the problem without creating much distress to your family and property as well. Once the job is done we make quarterly visits to check that everything is under control.

Pest control services

Our Houston TX exterminators deal with all sorts of pest infestations. Some of our services include:

Rodent Control:

Rodents are sneaky creatures who can create a lot of damage to your property. Contaminating food, destroying the electrical wires are just some of their ways of saying that now they own your place. We at Aswatonna work by sealing the openings that can let them come back and then using eco-friendly products and efficient traps to exterminate them from your property forever.

Ants Control:

There is not just one type of ant. Fire, Carpenter, Argentine, Acrobat, are just some of them. For their successful removal, it is crucial, to understand which type of ants are on the hand. We use spraying methods to get rid of ants, fleas, and ticks from and around your house.

Mosquito Control:

The constant buzzing of mosquitos is enough to make us get rid of them as soon as possible. With all the diseases and infections they bring with them you cannot ignore and let them live on your property. Our proficient exterminators work to remove all the adult mosquitos, their unhatched eggs, and any other source that could bring them back.

Termites Problem:

Termites eat on your wooden furniture and fixture so silently that you won’t even notice until irreplaceable damage has already been done. Our exterminators provide several treatment plans to deal with these termites and to stop further damage. Our products are eco-friendly and free of heavy chemicals so that your family remains safe during the process.

Roach Exterminators:

Cockroaches love an environment that is warm and full of food. They are very good at hiding and reproducing themselves quickly. We use EPA-approved products only so that no harm is made to you or your environment. Our professional technicians work to exterminate each one of them from your house because one can bring more back.

There is no need to worry about any sort of infestation as we are here to deal with that. Stop looking for pest control companies near Houston and contact Aswatona Pest Services for a no-obligation pest inspection; 855-949-1574

Houston Pest Exterminator

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Houston Pest Exterminator

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