Junk Removal Company Cyprus

You won’t find a better junk removal company in Cyprus than Trash N Dash. When it comes to providing first-class customer service and meeting the needs of clients, we are fully committed to being the best that we can be. If you have unwanted junk around the home, a garage you need to clean out, or a renovation on the horizon, keep us in mind to haul away rubbish & debris, junk & trash, old appliances, unwanted furniture, and more. For the best prices on our services, book online and take $20 off of your next bill with Trash N Dash.

5 Things You’ll Love About Our Garbage Removal Services

1. We offer immediate rubbish removal, so you won’t have to look at piles of junk after a home improvement project or spring cleaning. Simply contact one of our professionals to set up a day and time and we’ll be there ready to load up and haul off your items. If you’re ready to get organized, we can pick up all kinds of junk and leave your home, garage, workplace, or construction site looking great- we’ll even sweep up when we’re through.

2. Our trash removal service is more efficient than dumpster rentals because we’ll do all the work for you. Save your back and let our team handle heavy refrigerators, boxes of junk, home appliances, mattresses, bed frames, and other materials that are hard to manage. Get an instant quote when you call our office at 281-729-0582 and get started today.

3. A lot of waste management companies say they’ll arrive at a certain time only to leave you waiting by the door and wondering why you wasted your time with them. That’s not what you’ll experience when you hire Trash N Dash as your junk removal company in Cyprus. We’ll be there when we say we will- ready to get to work and remove your unwanted items. Locals consistently choose us over other agencies because we have a stellar reputation throughout the community.

4. Trash N Dash makes junk and rubbish removal a simple task instead of an overwhelming chore. With no hauling or dumpster fill-up to worry about, you can rest easy knowing that our team will help you achieve your goals when you need to get organized and clutter-free. Paying your bill is easy, too- we accept all major payment methods with no surprises fees.

5. We recycle and repurpose your items to keep them out of the landfill. The greatest percentage of your materials are brought to thrift stores, charitable organizations, non-profit housing programs, wood & metal recyclers, computer and electronics recyclers, bottle & glass depots, and other places that will give your materials a second chance and reduce the amount of raw resources needed to create new products.

There’s a lot to love about Trash N Dash. Give us a call when you’re looking for a 5-star rated junk removal company in Cyprus. Book online for the best rates on all of our services.

Junk Removal Company Cyprus

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Junk Removal Company Cyprus

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