Junk Removal

#1 Junk Removal in San Francisco To Sacramento

Our local and family owned and operated full service junk removal company “Hauls a lot” provides junk removal and trash hauling services in both commercial and residential areas. We provide quality and professional junk removal services in which we remove and haul all sorts of items and type of junk. We remove and haul for jobs including:

“Hauls a lot” is providing junk removal services in both commercial and residential areas. We provide quality junk removal services in which we will declutter and remove unwanted and waste items.

Why do you need a junk removal service?

Junk removal services are often used and sometimes required when there is a large amount of junk gathered at your home, business or even rental property, or storage unit – which you won’t be able to remove yourself. If you are thinking of moving to a new house, you may need to get rid of old furniture, appliances, or other things that have been collected over time. Sometimes it’s a lifestyle change or a desire to just declutter. Property Management teams often seek to remove unwanted waste and leftover debris from previous tenant. Whatever the reason, if you are ready to responsibly dispose and declutter, we are your #1 local junk and debris removal company. 

If there is an old and worn out appliance such as an air conditioner or refrigerator present at your home or business, unwanted furniture or other heavy items, we have the equipment and man power to remove those heavy items and get your junk hauled. We take all sorts of junk removal jobs.


What can be expected from our junk removal service?

When you call for a free quote with us for our  junk removal services, we will first ask for pictures and descriptions of the unwanted items and waste materials. Based on accurate information, we will provide a free quote depending on what type of junk and waste is needed to be hauled – we believe transparent pricing is a must and removal cost matters to our customers.

This whole quote process will be completely free. When you agree to our offer, and all the things are mutually decided, then we will start our job of top notch junk removal. Our experienced removal team will come to your home, business, rental property, or even storage unit – and take away all the junk material safely from your designated address, we do all the heavy lifting. 

We also offer special services for property management, estate clean outs, garage clean outs, foreclosure cleanout, office equipment, hot tub disposal, and cubic yards of construction waste and renovation debris.

Please consider a local family owned and operated company for all your disposal, removal, and hauling needs.