Mini Excavator For Sale

5 Tips For Inspecting A Used Mini Excavator For Sale

When we are in the market for a used mini excavator, there are several options up for sale. By taking the time to learn more about the used mini excavator and what to look for when we are taking a closer look at models for sale, we can find the perfect piece of equipment for our needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the aspects of a used mini excavator that need to be inspected when the process of locating models for sale has begun in earnest. This handy guide to the proceedings gives us the chance to avoid making the wrong choices.

1) Check The Movement

Even something as simple as a quarter turn can expose major problems with the equipment that we are using. A used mini excavator can come with issues that are essentially impossible to fix. By taking the time to look closer at the movement of the equipment before making a decision, we can find out whether the machine is able to execute simple turns. If there is any unwanted movement at the equipment’s connection points, this is a massive red flag.

2) Look For Bends and Cracks

Bending and cracking is a bad sign when it comes to used mini excavators and the most reputable sellers are never going to ask us to purchase a model that has noticeable wear and tear. Take a look at the welds at key connection points. They are going to tell us a sizable amount of the story. Bending and cracking can also function as a signal of the equipment’s lack of structural integrity.

3) Don’t Ignore Leaks

In order to find out more about potential leaks, take a closer look inside of the hydraulic pump compartment. The hoses, cylinders and lines all must be checked as well. The swing bearing is another area that needs to be checked. Don’t purchase a mini excavator that has already sprung several leaks unless there is a willingness to spend extra money to have these leaks taken care of professionally.

4) Broken Meters

Is the hours meter on the excavator functioning properly? Is the hours meter not currently operational? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then we need to take our hard earned money elsewhere. Excessive wear and tear on the hours meter is something that we need to keep an eye on as well. This could mean that the mini excavator in question has actually logged far more hours than what the previous owner is willing to admit to.

5) Check For Signs of Scalloping

Before we make a final decision on which mini excavator to purchase, we need to carve out some time to check for signs of scalloping. The teeth within the bucket of the excavator are going to tell the whole story. If there are half mooned shapes present, this is a sign that we need to make a different purchase. Otherwise, we are placing ourselves in a position where we may have to shell out additional cash to take care of the issue and restore the item to its normal cutting force.

Mini Excavator For Sale

TB257FR Compact Excavator

The latest Takeuchi Excavator has a side-to-side offset boom accompanied by its tight tail swing to deliver the best visibility and provides the ability to rotate with a small amount of overhang.

This machine’s optimized placement of the counterweight delivers a very stable platform with lifting abilities to a conventional machine.

The TB257FR is perfect for tight spaces with its’ 12,930 lb operating weight, 10,431 lb bucket breakout force, and multi hydraulic auxiliary circuits.

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