All About Hauls A Lot

“Hauls a lot” provides quality, ¬†quick, and afordable junk removal, construction cleanup, ¬†appliance removal and yard debris removal services in Oakland Ca. We are a quality hauling service for Oakland Ca and local areas. Our removal technicians are highly experienced and skilled to perform each junk removal duty with quality and expedited work and efficiency. We will work to removal all junk or debris from your home or work place as specified in the original quote and services offered. With our Oakland hauling services, we will haul large items from your house, including furniture and appliances.

Hauls a lot provides all these services at very affordable rates. Our team strives hard to provide services that surpass our customer’s satisfaction. You can rely on us for safe and reliable junk removal and hauling services in Oakland and surrounding neighborhoods and areas.

What Can You Expect From Hauls A Lot in Oakland Ca?

When you hire us for any service it means you can expect high-quality work, knowledgeable and experienced workers, friendly behavior, integrity and professionalism, which will all result in the best results. It means whether you book a junk removal or construction cleanup service, our impeccable services will amaze you. You will get to work with certified professionals who will listen to all your problems and provide you with the best solutions possible.

When you are contacting us for a service, it means you can expect a free estimate from us. It will include a team coming to your house, checking all the junk, and making the quote, all for free. We provide on-time services and complete our projectors within the decided time. It means you can expect high-quality, professional and affordable junk removal and hauling services in Oakland by “Hauls a lot”.


In Oakland, we provide a variety of services. Our technicians are well rounded and can help you with any sort of junk removal related problems. Not only junk removal but they will also help you with hauling, appliances removal, yard debris removal, and construction cleaning. You can get any of these services from our skilled professionals at reasonable rates.

Oakland Junk Removal

“Hauls a lot” provides junk removal services for both residential and commercial areas in Oakland Ca. We will declutter your home or workplace from all kinds of undesired junk and waste materials that you are looking to have removed. We remove nearly any kind of waste.

Oakland Yard Debris

Our skilled workers will remove all sorts of junk and debris from your yard. Whether it’s a stump, debris left after trimming of plants or trees, old fencing material, scrap metal or any other sort of debris, we will remove it from your home or commercial property in Oakland Ca.

Oakland Construction Cleanup

At “Hauls a lot” we also provide construction cleanup services. In this service, we will clean your construction site when the construction is completed, we will remove all the waste materials left from the construction project you and your company completed.

Oakland Appliance Removal

In this service, we will remove old or unwanted appliances from your home or workplace. If the appliance is broken or is just of no use for you, then we will take it away from your residence workplace & recycle the material if available.

Get a Free Inspection with Hauls A Lot OAKLAND

If you wish to use any of our services, make sure to contact us. You will get a free quote from a simple phone call, pictures, and an honest sharing of what items need to be hauled away. At “Hauls a lot”, we provide free inspections and quotes to our customers, in which our team will set up a call, as for pictures to inspect the items needing to be hauled and the situation (residential or commercial). After this information is gathered, they will move ahead by submitting a free estimate. We don’t charge for estimates or quotes.